Handyman for Hire

... for the jobs that never get done.

Protect yourself and your home, hire a licensed contractor.

If your last handyman was the "one from hell"...

I can fix what he messed up, (most of the time).

My Sub-Contractors

I am a one man show, but I do have subs that I trust to give you the best at what they do.

Harvey's Hardware

5400 Land O Lakes Blvd,
(813) 996 2400

Appliance repair

McFarlane's Appliance Center
(813) 996-6055

KW Morrow & Sons Electric, Inc

Land O Lakes, FL
(813) 996-0776


Joe Adams
(813)263 4857

Water Extraction

Mr. Dry out, Matt Jerabek
(727) 992 4921

Mold Inspection

Steve Whallen
(813) 948 4176